Let's Fall in Love with Lovely Script Fonts!

Let’s Fall in Love with Lovely Script Fonts!

Do you love fonts? Are you a fan of script fonts? If so, you’re in luck! Today, we’re going to be looking at the lovely script fonts that are available and how you can use them in your projects. We’ll also talk about the different types of lovely script fonts and provide some examples of them in use. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of lovely script fonts!

Introduction to Lovely Script Fonts

If you’re new to font design, then you might not be familiar with lovely script fonts. Lovely script fonts are fonts that have a handwritten, cursive look to them. They are great for adding a personal touch to your projects, as they look like they were written by hand. They can also be used to add a sense of romance and elegance to your designs. Specifically, these fonts have decorative objects like heart shape, flower, swan, or bird.

Tips for Choosing the Right Lovely Script Font

When it comes to choosing the right lovely script font, there are a few things to consider. The first is the size of the font. Script fonts look best when they are used at larger sizes, as this allows the letterforms to be seen more clearly. It’s also important to consider the spacing between the letters, as this can affect the overall look of the font.

The second thing to consider is the type of font. Different types of script fonts have different looks and feel, so it’s important to choose one that matches the tone of your project. For example, hearty fonts are great for making a statement, while valentine script fonts are perfect for adding a touch of romance and elegance.

The third thing to consider is the context of your project. Script fonts look best when they are used in specific contexts, such as wedding invitations or Valentine’s Day cards. It’s important to consider the tone of your project and choose a font that matches it.

Lovely Script Fonts In Use

Now that we’ve taken a look at what you can do with lovely script fonts, let’s take a look at some examples of them in use.

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One example of a lovely script font in use is a logo for a wedding planner. The font used is a valentine script font, which adds a touch of elegance and sweetness to the logo.

Another example of a script font in use is a poster for a romantic comedy. The font used is a hearty font, which adds a sense of drama and excitement to the poster.

Finally, another example of a script font in use is a website for a florist. The font used is a hand script font, which adds a touch of personality and warmth to the website.

Examples of Lovely Script Fonts

Now that we’ve taken a look at what you can do with lovely script fonts, let’s take a look at some examples of them:

Love and Joy Font

Love and Joy Font Paid Font

The right font can make all the difference in your creative projects. Stop searching for fonts, and start creating! The Love and Joy Font is a new script font that’s perfect for any design project, from festive holiday cards to an elegant wedding invitation suite. You can use these fonts for many purposes: create a custom logo or watermark, add your favorite quotes to Instagram photos or make decorative signs in minutes.

Radja Lover Script Font

Radja Lovers Script Font Paid Font

Radja Lover Script Font is a Valentine’s Day inspired font made for various romantic themes. It adheres to a simple and elegant modern script style, besides that this font has a unique swash in the shape of a heart that can be used for unique love designs. This font will make sure that your projects look beautiful and professional!

Little Love Font

Little Love Font Paid Font

Inspired by the graceful and energetic script, we created this delicate, flowing typeface with a feminine touch. We’ve added all of the punctuation marks that you need to make your text pop and tell your story with ease.

Love Limits Font

Love Limits Font Paid Font

Your love is limitless and so is your font! Here’s a handwritten font that will make you stand out from the crowd. Add this expressive, stylized typeface to any project and watch it capture everyone’s attention with its sweet look. You can use it in logos, on banners, on wedding invitations – the sky’s the limit!

Lovegame Font

Lovegame Font Paid Font

It’s a font because words are delightful to read. Lovegame is a lovely script font that you can use to make your ideas even more realistic and create spectacular designs. Add a touch of elegance and cuteness to any project with this font. The Lovegame Font is PUA encoded which means you can access all of the glyphs and swashes with ease!

Love Pink Pallet Font

Love Pink Pallet Font Paid Font

Craft away with Love Pink Pallet’s whimsical, playful typefaces and never worry about a thing. Whether you need a fun font for your blog, web design, or embroidery project, both fonts come with a full glyph set and almost infinite combinations of letters. And since it’s PUA encoded, you can access all the fonts’ special characters.

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Spring Love Font

Spring Love Font Paid Font

You’ll be lifted up with joy with this font set! Spring Love Font has two fonts, each with a modern and cheery feel. Use one together or mix and match. They’re perfect for creating cards, banners, and more. If you want to access all glyphs and swashes with the fonts, they’re PUA encoded.

Line Love Duo Font

Line Love Duo Font Paid Font

Line Love Duo Font is the perfect solution for all your handwritten font needs. These fonts will provide you with the chic, cheerful look you need to make your designs stand out. Line Love features two high-quality fonts (script and display) which are available for personal use in both commercial and non-commercial projects.

Lovely Pinkmatte Font

Lovely Pinkmatte Font Paid Font

Sweet and delicate, yet sophisticated and graceful. Lovely Pinkmatte’s hand-drawn feel gives your designs a graceful touch, while the broad range of glyphs will make your work shine with creativity. Whether you want to share it as a font or as a set of cliparts with us, the possibilities are endless for how you can use our original font.

Lovely Magnolia Font

Lovely Magnolia Font Paid Font

If you love the idea of a font created with real handwriting and made for spring, then you’ll love Lovely Magnolia Font. It’s perfect for your branding needs, logos, wedding designs, social media posts, and more. The font is feminine, lighthearted, and quite versatile.

Rainy Love Font

Rainy Love Font Paid Font

Rainy Love is a beautiful, handwritten font with a romantic theme. Give your projects life with its beautifully versatile style. Use it for gorgeous wedding invitations, beautiful stationary art, eye-catching social media posts, and more! Add some love to your life and download it today.

Loveliya Font

Loveliya Font Paid Font

Loveliya is a script font that breathes elegance and quality. The typeface has been designed to make your projects shine! Whether you’re creating a formal invitation, a cover letter, or wedding signs, Loveliya will be the perfect choice. Outstanding features include ligatures, swashes, and alternates.

Lovely Dream Font

Lovely Dream Font Paid Font

With Lovely Dream Font, you will never be bored with the same look again! This beautiful and romantic font comes with gorgeous alternates and a few swashes to give your work that personal touch. The varying baseline helps you create beautiful headlines. Join the thousands of creators who are using this font in their designs to take their project to the next level.

It Loves You Font

It Loves You Font Paid Font

This is the perfect font for people who love handwritten fonts and want to use it everywhere. It Loves You Font is elegant, stylish, and perfect for any design project. Customize your projects with this lovely script font today!

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Forever in Love Font

Forever in Love Font Paid Font

Looking for a font that is easy to read, beautiful and luxurious? Welcome to Forever in Love! This font is perfect for wedding invitations or any other projects you are looking to create.

Lovely Wedding Font

Lovely Wedding Font Paid Font

There’s no better way to celebrate an engagement than with a font that embodies the feeling of joyous and carefree love. From the playful, quirky characters to the elegant swashes, Lovely Wedding is an enchanting font for weddings and other celebrations!

Any of Love Font

Any of Love Font Paid Font

If you’re looking for a script font that’s not the same old thing, Any of Love is the great solution! It’s clean and classic, with a soft and feminine touch. Plus, it comes in a variety of weights and languages! Add some love to your project today.

Shiny Love Font

Shiny Love Font Paid Font

Create beautiful designs with this minimalistic, modern and elegant font. With Shiny Love, you can now have your own beautifully handwritten font that’s ready to use in any of your projects. In a time where there is an abundance of fonts, this one makes a unique statement.

Lovelya Kattrine Font

Lovelya Kattrine Font Paid Font

Loving your lovely project? Don’t settle for just any font, get Lovelya Kattrine! This script font is decorated with all the charm and sentiment you’re looking for. Write in it and make your project unforgettable.

Seven Loves Font

Seven Loves Font Paid Font

It’s time for you to customize your fonts with the perfect script. And we’ve got just the thing for you. Introducing Seven Loves Font. This beautiful font has a modern, stylish, and elegant look that will make your designs stand out from any other. Whether it’s used for a business card or a wedding invitation, Seven Loves Font can be customized to make your design pop.


We hope that this blog post has given you an insight into the world of lovely script fonts. We’ve taken a look at the different types of script fonts and how to choose the right one for your project. We’ve also discussed some of the things you can do with lovely script fonts, as well as some examples of them in use.

Whether you’re looking for a font for a wedding invitation or a logo for a brand, lovely script fonts are a great option. They can add a touch of personality and elegance to your projects, and they are sure to make a statement. So, go ahead and fall in love with lovely script fonts!

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