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If you have ever downloaded anything from the internet or searched about the best Filehosters, then you must have come across the name Uploaded Premium Account. This Filehoster supports almost more than 80 percent of the Multihosters and download accelerators. It is widely used and is extremely popular among the downloading and uploading community. Like other major Filehosters, Uploaded Premium Account also offers cloud computing and storage to the registered users. Headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland, this Filehoster is managed and owned by Cyando AG. Let’s take a look at this website in detail.

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How Do You Get Started On Uploaded.Net?

First things first, you have to own a valid email in order to register for the website. Go to Uploaded.net and register for a new account. Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation email, and a details email with your ID and password. Verify your free (complimentary) account, and log in to the website. You will be taken to the home page, which will offer a summarized view of your activities, profile information, and data statistics.

This is a basic summary and stats of your account. Here’s a step by step breakdown of the homepage;

Account: The ID is the automatic ID generated by the software. You can change your alias (Display Name), password, and email as you like. You can also enable two-factor authentication mode to further enhance the security of your account.

Affiliate Program: Like most of the Filehosters nowadays, net also offers exciting opportunities to earn money while sitting at your home. You can sign up for the affiliate programs and partners, and earn as your files become more popular and are downloaded by more people. The website does offer a free bonus of 2 Euros upon registering with the service. Once you have enough money saved, you can withdraw it using the payment methods.

Subscriptions: Once you upgrade to the Uploaded Premium Account, you can add the subscriptions here. You can also purchase additional backup memory space, and the subscription will be displayed in this category.

Traffic: This is only for the Uploaded Premium This shows run time statistical information regarding the traffic generated by your files, links and profile. It will show you the number of visitors, and the number of bytes consumed on your profile and files. The more traffic you have, the more you can earn from the affiliate program of Uploaded Premium.

Backup Space: Every user is awarded 2GB of free space when they first register with Uploaded. Once you upgrade to the Uploaded Premium Account, you will see an increase in your backup space. This part informs you of the occupied and the remaining space for your files and profile. You should keep an eye on this information, as users tend to run out of space very quickly. Keep your files organized and remove the unwanted data from your Uploaded premium account

Uploading Protocols of Uploaded Premium Account

Well, Uploaded Premium Account supports all the major and the most popular uploading file protocols of the modern era. It allows the users to upload the file directly from the computer, or transfer the file using FTP or Remote options.

  • Remote Upload: If your data is located on a server on the internet, you can transfer all the data to your Uploaded Premium account using this option. All you have to do is click on remote upload, provide the web/server URL, set up a proxy (optional) and start the transfer. If the server requires further options and information to be set, you can set up a domain profile with the required information, and use it for future use without having to provide the data every time. This is easy, fastand secure. Once the files have been transferred, you can sort, organize or delete them as you like.
  • FTP Upload: This is the most popular file transfer protocol and method of the modern world. Uploaded offers reliable FTP transfer from all the main sources. The Filehoster already has a dedicated FTP server. All you have to do is use aFTP server software, such as FileZilla and schedule a pre-planned file upload task. This process will run in the background, and upload your files while you carry out your daily activities. FTP transfer protocol is quick, easy, and the most reliablemethod of transferring files.
  • Import Function: This is an amazing and a unique feature offered by Uploaded. It allows the registered users to simply provide an online URL or link to any file. The service will then automatically upload that file to your profile. Just paste the links in the import box, click on import, and it will quickly upload the files, images, videos and the content of the URL to your profile. The file is ready to use in no time, without occupying any bandwidth of your own.
  • File Upload: This is the age old option of dragging and dropping files from your computer to the website. It is as easy as one click. Click on the option, drag and drop the files, and wait for them to be uploaded and made ready for you.

What Is uDrive by Uploaded Premium Account?

uDrive is basically a local uploading software offered by Uploaded Premium Account. It acts just like the gDrive, OneDrive, but it is faster in nature. It’s only job is to upload the files. Unlike other drives, it doesn’t constantly slow down your entire computer and drain your internet to keep the files synced. You can simply download the uDrive, upload files to the drive, and it will quickly upload the files to your profile as you work simultaneously on other projects.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate program

Once you sign up for the affiliate program, you will be able to visit the affiliate page on your profile and it will show you the amount earned. The affiliate programs advertise products on your pages, and for every download, click and sale, you get a pre-determined percentage of the total sale. Once you have gathered enough cash, you can withdraw it using the allowed payment withdrawal methods. This page will show you all the details of advertised products, money earned and followed orders on your profile page.

Managing Your Files

In the top menu, click on files and folders and you will be taken to your basic root directory. Here you can create new folders, organize the existing files, manage old folders and handle the root directory for all your files. The reported files will be displayed here for you, and will be deleted after the pre-determined deadline by the website moderators. You can change the security mods and restrict the availability of files to different users.

Pricing Schema for Uploaded Premium Account

Uploaded Premium Account offers exclusive deals to its members. You can choose from a variety of options depending upon your requirements. All the pricing packages include free premium points, which can be later converted into additional premium runtime. In the following table you will find a list with all the prices.

FeePremium DurationIncluded Points
4.99 € (5.99 USD)48 Hours500
9.99 € (11.99 USD)1 Month1,000
24.99 € (28.99 USD)2 Months2,000
39.99 € (45.99 USD)6 Months6,000
69.99 € (79.99 USD)1 Year7,000
99.99 € (114.99 USD)2 Years9,000

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Paying for Uploaded Premium Account

Uploaded Premium Account also offers a wide spectrum of payment methods for the users. This easement allows users to choose their preferred payment method without having to worry about the financial troubles. Following are the payment methods for Uploaded Premium Account:

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • VISA Card
  • Master Card
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Web Money


Uploaded Premium Account is definitely one of the best Filehosters right now. No other Filehoster allows this many download accelerators, and offers its own uploading software. Uploaded Premium Account offers distinctive features to Uploaded Premium Account users. These features include unlimited downloading, simultaneous downloading, unlimited uploading and various other useful and enticing features. Uploaded Premium users also have the option to upload more files and data than the complimentary users.

Uploaded Premium users have a simple to use interface, which was designed keeping the layman population in mind. The website relies on the use of singleclick, and you can manage all your downloading and uploading activities with just a single click.

Create Uploaded Premium Account here

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